Do It Afraid

Sometimes it's very possible to got a lot of work done without moving forward at all. For example, today I completed a new draft of a map (just have to ink it in) updated my blog pages, wrote the synopsis' for three books, researched querying, had a talk with my writing mentor over the phone, polished my chapter outlines and wrote a short story for school.
Is my book any closer to being done?
Actually, that may be debatable.
Over the past several months I've been outlining and drafting and structuring my novel to death. Near the begining of January, I actually started writing it.
How far in am I?
Four chapters.
Does that seem lame to you? Because it seems lame to me.
That kind of mindset is something all of us struggle with. Am I doing good enough? Am I working hard enough? What if other people are better than me? What if I'm actually awful at what I'm doing?
Here's the thing, people are always going to be 'better' than you.
And yeah, maybe compared…

Writer's Review: 7 Books That Will Improve Your Writing

Hey everyone! Recently I've been taking a bit of a guilt break from blogging because it's hard to keep up with everything all at once and I was starting to feel kinda bad when I fell behind. However, today I am here to say that without the pressure of 'having' to keep up with my blog, I'm actually more motivated to keep working on it! So long as it doesn't get in the way of my normal writing. So, let's get to the point and jump into my Summer Reading List, because I think it's one you just might benefit from checking out.

On a quest to improve my writing this summer and finally complete the rewrite of my novel (for the third time!) I googled 'Best Fiction Writing Resources' and was not disappointed. Not only was I presented to a myriad of new and exciting books that came along with raving reviews, I also discovered that there is, indeed, a limit on how many books you can order at any given time at the library. One of those was a heck of a lot m…

One Year Blogiversary and An Announcement

Hey everyone! Yours truly here to throw a little confetti and look back at one whole year of bringing you Light of The Fallen. Yeah, it really has been a year I guess, hasn't it? Seems really crazy. Now that I think about it, the creation of this blog marks exactly one year of pursuing writing seriously. This time last year, I was promising myself that this would be the year I would finish my book. This would be the year I became a real writer, the year I made a change.
And I did, I am. I've written an entire novel, I'm rewriting that same novel, and I'm looking back with a sense of melancholy at my one year younger self who made a blog because it made her promise to herself 'official'. If she had a blog, she would write. It was as simple as that. Pretty stupid, but effective I guess, because here I am.

It's amazing to see how far I've come. How much writing has become an even greater part of me in even just one year. How much I've learned, how much…

Moving Forward: Book Progress Update

Hey, everyone!
Since today signifies the end of April as well as the end of Camp NaNoWriMo, I figured I should give you a more in-depth project update as well as a quick overview of what I plan on working on over the next few weeks.
Around mid-April I decided that I wasn't going to get anywhere with my book this time around unless I had a legitimate plan for writing it, and the rest of the series for that matter. I had a quick scribbled overview of the first four books which put me somewhere, but I needed a solid plan. Still inspired by one of my co-writer's blog posts about outlining, I decided to work out my own quick sheet for outlining your novel. After all, not everything is going to work for everyone, so why not make something that I knew would work for me? I actually found it really easy and fun to fill out. Each question only gave me a moments pause and pretty soon I had a good idea of what I wanted to happen in Visions, Reign of the Dark, in order to connect it to the…

Staying True To Yourself (And Your Writing!)

Sup folks!
Today, I'm going to skip over the long painful apology to all my readers for being absent from the distant realm that is the blogging empire. As you may know, I've been super busy getting my second platform/group blog up. It's been an amazing journey working with fellow members of Brett Harris's and Jaquelle Crowe's YWW, and we've created something really incredible over on our blog, Writers of Elysian (If you haven't checked it out, I totally encourage you to stop what you're doing and go do that right now. Promise it's worth it ;)
Along with setting up Writers of Elysian, I've also been working on the rewrite of my first novel, Visions, Reign of the Dark, and have been receiving excellent feedback and criticism. Camp NaNoWriMo has treated me favorably as well, and due to a straight month of writing I'm proud to say I'm 120 pages into the rewrite (32,000 words) and have written some lore stories, an excellent outline for the …

Write Through The Pain

Hey, Everyone.
For a while now, I've been having a hard time writing with joy.
Not in the way you would think. I'm still and always will be super psyched to get my words down. To one day see them in print. I can write as enthusiastically as ever. I can type each word, each sentence, each page, and I can still feel the excitement reverberating beneath my fingertips as they pound away at the keyboard. I want to write this story. I want to see it through. I want to continue being inspired, and I am.
But underneath it all, I've been inexplicably sad. I may smile because I've gotten a sentence to come out just right. I may laugh to myself at an amusing bit of dialogue.
But underneath something has been hurting. And I don't know what.
A lot has been happening in my life lately. Some for the better.
More, for the worst.

I don't understand what God wants from me. I'm trying to still keep up with my writing, because I know that's what He wants me to do. I try to…

Writers Of Elysian: Divinely Inspired: Preserving A Constant State of ...

Writers Of Elysian: Divinely Inspired: Preserving A Constant State of Inspiration
Sorry I haven't posted in forever guys, and sorry I'm technically not posting now. I have a ton of writing, schoolwork, and platforming I need to get out of the way, then once I find my niche I swear I'll start posting regularly again. Until then, here's a link to a post I did on my group blog, Writers of Elysian. Hope you enjoy!